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At Omnicom Canada, we are continuing our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA) journey by taking strides to foster an environment that both respects and embraces diversity among our employees.  

This drives cultural equity and inclusion by helping individuals of diverse backgrounds succeed and grow within OMG Canada. We remain committed to continuing to take actions that move our organization forward.

Our efforts around IDEA have been consistent, thoughtful and intentional. Providing education on the impact of microaggression in the workplace. Ensuring that diversity issues continue to be top of mind through curated content and continuous conversations has allowed us to move the needle forward.

These efforts form the basis of a strong foundation – and as with any foundation, there is much work to follow in terms of building the infrastructure to support a truly inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace.

Today we will be engaging in conversation with Nosakhare Alex Ihama, the Executive Director of the Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity

Alex has built a respected practice in helping companies move to action around Equity. He has over two decades of corporate experience working with organizations of all sizes, from small organizations to the largest ones; including BMO, CIBC, and Moneris Solutions.  

He has assisted them in the implementation of a large and diverse set of programs. He has developed a set of quantitative and qualitative methodologies that have educated, equipped, and empowered staff and management to transform the corporate culture in their organizations and institutions.

We know that to be successful in our continuing journey to equity, we all need to be a part of the process. Therefore, the first portion of our conversation will involve me interviewing Alex, getting to the heart of “the how” we continue the work specific to systemic barriers.

Welcome Alex, thank you for joining us… 

Feedback & Recap of the Fireside Chat

"Nosakhare Alex Ihama, thank you and your team for engaging us in a dynamic, authentic, thought-provoking dialogue around removing systemic barriers. The conversation was powerful, emotional (hilarious at times!) but above all, it was real and identified core issues while providing tangible strategies to move forward. I speak on behalf of all of us who had the pleasure of spending 90 minutes with you when I say thank you to you and your amazing team, Moy, Kaddu, and Chrissy bringing strong energy, charisma and well-organized event. Impact you promised, and impact you delivered.

– Sofia Mendonça, Managing Director, Human Resources.

“It was a great experience, was very engaged & found it informative. The best 1 1/2 hour on Zoom in a very long time.”

“A voice such as Nosakhare's, one that is strong and clear and has the capacity to entertain and engage can be valuable when used correctly. Many of us stay silent out of desperation. The fear of being "othered" and not included, or being seen as a problem. Or to be placed in (or back in) poverty where we don’t have enough to eat or a safe space to sleep. I love your group and your stance. I would like to see more representation of diversity and inclusion on ALL accounts. If you're not going to do it - the Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity & Workplace Equity - then who is? Who is going to raise the voice for all of us? I am truly asking.”

“The event was very engaging. I learned a lot about equality and how to work towards a better understanding.”  

“It was inspiring. Confirms that we can change the world with a multitude of small actions.”

“It was very interesting and engaging, even without visual support it captivated my attention for the whole 1h30.”

“It was incredibly engaging and as a black woman it was great to hear stories I could relate to and hear the experience of other BIPOC individuals who share similar experiences in a workplace and life setting.”

“It was super engaging, insightful, relevant, energetic, inspiring.”

“It was amazing! Loved the way Nosakhare was brutally honest, without a filter. Awesome and eye-opening. I was not expecting that and I'm very satisfied.”

“It's a good opportunity to directly participate in such a meaningful event.”

“I loved how much everyone was participating and how much passion everyone was expressing.”

“A very transparent way to open the discussion on how we all can and should participate in the inclusive direction the organization wants to lead us.”

“10/10 - content and conversation were relevant, insightful. Loved the authenticity that Nosakhare brought forward & how "being human" was embodied! We need more connections and conversations like this!”

“Really great. It was a great reminder that everything begins with education.”

“Amazing! I thought it was raw, refreshing and energizing! I also learned a lot.”

“Good information. Food for thought. Stories were good.”

“It was enlightening! This was a great moment on a Friday afternoon, where it felt good to unite around an important subject with my colleagues. A lot of intelligent remarks and good vibes came out of this session.”

“Nosakhare was passionate and captivating. It was a boost of inspiration to do better, to acknowledge the issues and to take the time to connect with each other.”

“Excellent event! Very engaging. Nosakhare was raw and authentic which is what is needed when having conversations around equity and diversity.”

“As an individual falling within the BIPOC grouping, for me, this event was fantastic. Nosakhare was a fantastic speaker and very engaging - his stories I could relate to.”

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