The world is at a major crossroads.

A critical crossroad that we have been at for far too long, from the ancient days of colonization to the abolition of slavery and the Residential School system that took the lives of thousands of Indigenous children, some as young as 3 to 5 years old. Yet not many people sufficiently understand the depth of racism and discrimination in their thought processes and organization.

Since the gruesome murder of George Floyd at the hands of some police officers in the United States, many institutions & organizations have been striving to educate their people about the concept of social justice, to coach their management team to maximize diversity and eliminate discrimination and systemic racism, to train and mentor their employees to deal with their natural prejudicial tendencies and to build a cohesive, inclusive and equitable culture.


The Canadian Congress University of Diversity is committed to transforming people into social justice advocates & inclusive leaders. We are dedicated to empowering you with the tips, tools, tactics, techniques and training to renew your mind and methodology & transform your corporate culture. We have done so for over ten thousand people in different industries around the world and would be glad to help your organization to increase its value proposition and brand equity through our transformational programs, content and strategy.

Welcome to our Learning Management System (LMS), with over 100 hours of compelling, captivating and challenging content and exciting, engaging and educating microlearning videos to transform you into an advocate for social justice and empower you to eliminate racism and discrimination.

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"I found the even informative, humbling, and tragic at the same time. Hearing from survivors and everyone impacted by the news of the 215 was devastating, but a necessary part of learning about Canada's recent past/history. I am now committed to educating myself further on Indigenous issues - much of which was never taught in my education." Janienne Foenander, Clinical Administrative Coordinator, Regent Park Community Health Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The program was very impactful. It increased my understanding of the issues through the stories that were shared by the speakers and also of the work being done. I definitely liked the mix of speakers and the eloquence of their words and the impact of their actions. Also, it was well organized in the time allotted to each speaker and the transitions between them.” Cynthia Coulos, Director, Organizational Development, Dexterra Group, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“The program highlighted the importance and relevance of Indigenous communities' contribution to sustainable development. It helped to recognize the rights of Indigenous communities to sovereignty and the Importance of nature, ecosystem & environment. Not enough time!” – Henry Mwandemere, Director, Baobab Consulting, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

"I had a very pleasant experience participating in this program. It was engaging the entire time. This was the best online event I have attended since the start of the pandemic. I loved that there were speakers there from across the country, PEI to BC. I also loved the diversity of speakers, and their messages, with having people of all ages from Elders to youth, the sharing of personal stories and impacts whether someone was a residential school survivor, or has been impacted intergenerationally." Brittney Emslie, Operations Manager, Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre, , Ontario, Canada


“I liked that there was an international panel of speakers from different organizations, groups and stakeholders that brought together their collective experience, work and agenda for the future. I learned that we are still fighting for the same basic life-affirming security that every Canadian should be afforded equally.” – Angelita Elliott, CEO, Black African Museum (BAM)

“It was extremely engaging and the information received has raised my level of awareness, inspired, propelling me to be more tuned in and conscious about the various aspects of social injustice and to rise above self, seeking ways to get involved so that I too can become a vehicle for change. I applaud, congratulate and thank the organizers for presenting an excellent, awe-inspiring program.” Marjorie Taffe, Managing Director, Basic Sleep Science Inc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"The program was extremely organized and the variety of knowledgeable and engaging speakers, the pace of the event (never a dull moment!!), the calls to action, messages of encouragement. I learned that we must continue to fuel the racial and justice movement with concrete actions and demand better of our institutions, elected leaders, ourselves! We must do our part to create a more equitable and inclusive society!” – Sarah Onyango, Outreach Coordinator, Black History Ottawa, Gatineau, Quebec

“The program was very engaging and informative. Hearing the insights of top leaders in the Black community was a good opportunity to check in and keep the momentum going as we fight to dismantle systemic racism. I learned in summary that there is a long way to go; however, we are moving in the right direction. We have resilient leaders and with this virtual platform will continue to share and support each other as a collective.” – Jacqueline Jeffers Advisor, Advisor, Corporate Workforce Strategies, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada

These Truths Will Shock You

The remains of children were being found in the sites of the former Residential School System.

It started with 215 in British Columbia and now in the thousands across Canada.

We at the Canadian Congress had to respond even though we did not have all the answers.

So, we invite many Indigenous leaders from all over the country to come together with non-Indigenous leaders and educate us about what truly went on.

We also invited survivors of the inhumane Residential School system to share their lived experiences.

Senator Jane McCallum was one of them, and during her soft, passionate and graceful speech, she broke down and cried for what colonial masters and nuns put her and her people through.

We also invited some political leaders to respond and compelled Corporate Canada to become more concerned about the land upon which they are making billions of dollars in profit.

Here is a synopsis of the powerful messages that were shared at the one-day power-pack, emotional and yet totally inspirational session which was attended by almost a thousand people.

In the spirit of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we are granting access to thousands more for free!

We invite you and everyone in your organization or institution to take the time and learn more about the pains, plights and potential of the Indigenous Peoples.

To access the professionally edited version of the messages in the form of microlearning videos and discuss your thoughts and questions with an online community of social justice advocates, visit

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